Life after work

It is time to plan your next move. Whether you are just thinking about retiring or have already done so, you have a lot of options available to you.

How much is enough?

This is the golden question when considering retiring. Click here to start to think about how much you need or click here for a calculator to see how big of a gap you might be facing to retire in the lifestyle you would like

Want to slow down, but not reduce your income?

If you want to reduce your working hours or pay less tax without reducing your disposable income, a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy could be the answer. Click here to find out more on our TTR page.

Managing your retirement income

We can help you manage your income stream throughout retirement. We have products which specialise in providing you what you need, such an allocated pension with IOOF Pursuit FocusCore or Select.

Your financial adviser can help you look at the options for life after work. Click here to find an adviser near you.